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Scholarships and Awards

Zachary Weston Memorial Scholarship:
The Q. Walter Peabody Foundation serves as caretaker of the Zachary Weston Memorial Scholarship (ZWMS). This scholarship was created to preserve the memory of Zachary Weston, Orville H. Platt High School Class of 2001 valedictorian and student of Film and Aeronautical Engineering at MIT, who disappeared while hiking on Mt. Rainier in 2005. Known for his unconventional creativity, Zack is remembered above all else as a devoted friend and community member who often practiced spontaneous acts of kindness. This scholarship was established by Zack's family in order to allow him to continue to give to those in need and support his legacy of kindness and passion for education. The Zachary Weston Scholarship Selection Committee currently awards an annual $1000 scholarship to a graduating senior at O. H. Platt High School in Meriden, CT who has consistently demonstrated kindness toward others and is passionately committed to furthering his education in any field and at any level.

Q. Walter Peabody Awards:
Q. Walter Peabody Awards are awarded to individuals whose exceptional accomplishments, merits, and character are deemed worthy of recognition by their peers and/or the community. Q. Walter Peabody Awards are not awarded on a regular basis.

Q. Walter Peabody Fine Arts Grant:
To help strengthen and foster the Arts within our public schools, the Q. Walter Peabody Foundation has established the Q. Walter Peabody Fine Arts Grant for students interested in studying some medium of Fine Art (including, but not limited to visual art, music, dance, and literature). Although Art is not always as financially rewarding as other areas of study, we believe that it has an important place within a progressive society. Because of this, we are committed to helping the pursuit of studies in this field by offering financial assistance to talented student artists.