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Community Grant Program

Overview: In order to offer financial and moral support to community efforts aimed at the pursuit of knowledge and the improvement of society, and to help foster an intellectual and fraternal community amongst those the foundation has supported, the Foundation has established a community grant program (the “Peabody CGP”) that will provide financial support for projects that will improve the academic and cultural opportunities of Meriden residents.

Scope: Meriden residents and individuals whose efforts will primarily support Meriden residents are eligible to apply for the Peabody CGP. Proposals related to any academic or artistic field will be considered. The sole criteria is that the proposed activity must meet a community (not an individual) need that is not, in the judgment of the Board of Directors, adequately funded and where funding by the Peabody CGP will make a material difference in promoting the pursuit of knowledge and improving the local community.

Initial Funding Level: Initial grants will generally be limited to $1,000 per year, but proposals at all funding levels will be considered by the board.

Application Period: Rolling

Award Date: Rolling until funds appropriated for the year are exhausted.

Those interested in applying for funds under the Community Grant Program should contact the board via email; please list "Community Grant Program" in the subject line.