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2018 Wreath Sale

2018 Wreath Sale
Q. Walter Peabody - Thu Nov 08, 2018 @ 06:46PM
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We are so pleased to announce that we are once again selling and hand-delivering holiday wreaths, made by our good friends at Casertano's Greenhouse and Farms! We've heard your requests and will be adding even more options! 

Like last year, we will have 22-inch wreaths, 28-inch wreaths and kissing balls for sale. But, NEW for 2018, you will also have the option of a "fancy" wreath, with more glitz and glamour, in both the 22-inch and 28-inch sizes.

Your wreath will be hand-delivered by the Peabody Foundation's Board of Directors the weekend of December 1-2, 2018.

22-inch decorated classic "natural" wreaths = minimum donation of $25
28-inch decorated classic "natural" wreaths = minimum donation of $35

22-inch new "Fancy" wreath = minimum donation of $30
28-inch new "Fancy" wreath = minimum donation of $40

Hanging kissing ball = minimum donation of $35


Let us know your order by emailing us or by calling Jessica at (203) 213-1252 or Zack at (203) 631-8784. Payments may then be made through our online payment service (please list "Christmas Wreath" in the comments field), or via cash or check upon delivery.

Thank you for your continued support!

Comments: 6


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