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Allison Pomeroy's Work in Progress

Allison Pomeroy's Work in Progress
Q. Walter Peabody - Sun Jun 02, 2013 @ 02:31PM
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Allison Pomeroy, first winner of the Q. Walter Peabody Fine Arts Grant, has given us a sneak peak of her current work in progress! This lovely piece is being funded in part through grant funding from the Peabody Foundation. Stay tuned for more updates, and news on the final unveiling of her work.


Allison Pomeroy's In-Progress horse painting 2

Allison Pomeroy's Horse Painting, In progress 1


Tags: Arts, 2013
Comments: 4


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This dazzling piece is being financed to a limited extent through allow subsidizing from the Peabody Foundation. Stay tuned for more updates, and news on the last disclosing of her work.

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